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Episode 115: Pseudo-Stuff: Slow Science and Quick B.S. Psychosocial Distancing

Episode 115 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology moves us into a continuation of the Year of Clickbait with PSEUDOSCIENCE! This Spring we are going to be talking about pseudoscience. Who believes it? Why do they believe it? Is there a kernel of truth to some of the pseudoscientific beliefs people have? And more… In this episode Daniel and Thomas introduce pseudoscience and get back into their groove after a bumpy Fall semester. We discuss what exactly pseudoscience is, set up the ground rules for this semester, and compare what pseudoscientists do to what scientists do. We also scrap the bias of the week to talk about some of the questions people have for psychologists online and the answers “totally real psychologists” offer them. Warning: This episode contains some graphic information and all season we will be talking about some less than savory topics. PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Intro and Outro Theme and Bias Jingle by Jordan Jones Ask Psychology Question of the Week: How is Jung (especially The Collective Unconscious) relevant today?
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Welcome to the Psychosocial Distancing podcast!

Here, Dr. Daniel Chadborn and I work our way through open-access psychology texts to provide real world applications, interviews with researchers at the cusp of knowledge, and nerdy, psychology banter.

Season 1 features Principles of Social Psychology (2015)

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