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Episode 112: The Bad Nurse: Charles Cullen Psychosocial Distancing

Warning: This episode contains some graphic information and all season we will be talking about some less than savory topics. Episode 112 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology moves us into a continuation of the Year of Clickbait with FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY/PSYCHOLOGY OF SERIAL KILLERS! This Fall we are going to discuss forensic psychology, serial killers, and the worst of human behavior. We are joined all season by Dr. Sarah Tracy, a counseling psychologist who teaches and engages with the study of serial killers. In this episode we discuss the nurse turned serial killer, Charles Cullen. Sarah, Thomas, and Daniel talk about the dark triad in relation to this case, the rise and fall of a disturbed killer, and the system which allowed him to thrive. PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Intro and Outro Theme and Bias Jingle by Jordan Jones Return of the Bias of the Week: Normalcy Bias
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Here, Dr. Daniel Chadborn and I work our way through open-access psychology texts to provide real world applications, interviews with researchers at the cusp of knowledge, and nerdy, psychology banter.

Season 1 features Principles of Social Psychology (2015)

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